Ep235: Goodbye for Now

After 5.5 years of Rawrcast, Stompalina says goodbye for now.


Ep 234: Dear Lord, My Motherboard

New patch smell! 5.4.7 dropped last week, Challenge Mode season coming to an end, Get Sexy with the NEW Dwarf Female Models


Ep 233: Haf Happy

WoW is Up to 7.8 Million Subscribers, Raid Size Changes coming in 6.0 and Raiding Drunk


Ep 232: World of Borecraft

News from the 5.4.7 PTR and not much else...


Ep 231: Nudie Troll

What would you pay to boost a character to 90? New Human Females character models and new pets and mount!


Ep 230: Six More Months

Changes coming to Siege of Orgimmar, Blizzard Beefing up MicroTransaction Team and Ghostcrawler's New Home with Riot


Ep 229: Coming in WoD

Item Squish got you worried? Never fear... we will clear it up! Mommy-ing your account and Who has completed the Proving Grounds? WoWProgress breaks it down


Ep 228: Orc, Orc, Orc

More news on the growing Warcraft Movie cast. Is there an orc-a-palooza plot Warlords of Draenor? And, changes to Flex Raiding Mechanics.


Ep 227: Sooooooo

Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed, we have your Timeless Answers, and, we say goodbye to Ghostcrawler


Ep 226: Post-Crawler

Ghostcrawler leaves Blizzard, More Expansions, More Often, and the GAMBIT-CAM


Ep 225: Tanks Need Love, Too

Blizzard Says, "Be Nicer to Tanks" and more on FLY-GATE 6.1


Ep 224: Back in Time

Full BlizzCon Recap, the next expansion for World of Warcraft, and Details on the New 20-man Raid Structure


Ep 223: HearthStomp

Stomp Finally Plays Hearthstone, New Trademark from Blizz and Part 6 of Haf's LFR Strat Guide


Ep 222: Purple Puddle People

Garrosh Is Dead, Warcraft Movie Casting Updates, and Part 5 of Haf's LFR Raiding Guide


Ep 221: Garrosh Must Die

BlizzCon panel schedule, more Connected Realms have been announced, and part 4 of Haf's LFR Raiding Guide


Ep 220: Rainbow Tar

BlizzCon Swag Preview, Part 3 of Haf’s LFR Raiding Guide, and this week’s FEATURED QUESTION - What is your favorite lore in MoP?


Ep 219: What the Thok?

Burden of Eternity Drop Rates, More on Cross-Realm Heirloom Items and the eternal Bag Space dilemma, Part 2 of Haf's LFR Raiding Guide


Ep 218: Method Wins World of Warcraft

Patch 5.4 Raid Finder and Flex Drop Rates, Update on the SoO Race to World First and Haf's LFR Guide to SoO


Ep 217: Metal Scorpion Cupcake

Announcing the Winners of our Transmog Contest and we chat about bottom-line expectations all raiders should for each other


Ep 216: Timeless Tightrope

Everything you need to know about the Timeless Isle, Breaking News on the completely unexpected new Horde Warchief and Blizzard Wants You Back!


Ep 215: Tag Team Fuzzy Buttin’

5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar Raid Schedule, Warcraft Movie Updates and Blizzard is giving you more to nerd out about!


Ep 214: Full-On Ska-Doosh

New and terribly exciting and innovative mount added, corrupted Stormwind Bay explained and copious amounts of LFR hate


Ep 213: Alright, Alright

Attack of the Raid Lag, More WoW Dev interviews, and Breaking News: Creepy Panda seen on Wandering Isle!


Ep 212.5: Special Interview

In this special episode of Rawrcast features an interview with Blizzard Quest Designer, Helen Cheng. Together we talk a bit about what she does, how Mists has performed so far, and what to expect moving forward from 5.4.


Ep 212: Siege Preparation

More on content being removed in Patch 5.4, Tom Chilton Interview with MMO-Champion and Ghostcrawler Interview with Twizzcast and we announce a upcoming interview with Helen Cheng from Blizzard


Ep 211: Frankenberry

We discuss Everquest Next - Could be the Holy Grail of MMORPGs, Blizzard introduces Connected Realms - not merged, clearly not merged and MAJOR SPOILERS Garrosh Fight in 10-man on the PTR


Ep 210: Who Let the Mogs Out?

Ghostcrawler interview coverage, we're announcing a HUGE Transmog Contest and 5 Clues that You Should Take a Break from WoW


Ep 209: I am Bathmat

MOAR 5.4 - Item levels, Timeless Isle and Proving Grounds


Ep 208: Raytheon

Free Character Moves! Do you like finding random chests? Find more in 5.4. and More Microtransactions in WoW as the Pet Store Expands this week!


Ep 207: Postpwnd

Legendary Cloaks will have WINGS, Blizzard toys around with microtransactions in 5.4 and DK solos 10-man ToES, we'll explain you can too!


Ep 206: Pick Your Leader

This Week’s Featured QUESTION - If you could choose a leader for the Horde, who would it be?


Ep 205: Horrible Scopes

Legendary Quest Line Update and Jimmy Fallon is a big nerd


Ep 204: Sha of Pride

Blizzard announces Virtual Realms, More 5.4 Updates, and Garrosh Continues to F*ck Up Pandaria


Ep 203: Haftanked

Haftanked sobered up enough to join this week’s show. WoW gets flexible. And, if you’re waiting to transfer those characters, ...


Ep 202: Girlfriends and Mistrisses

Links to this week’s topics: Leave a Comment On a Recent Episode! Project Titan “Reset” – Delayed until 2016  Blizzard ...


Ep 201: Panda GPS

This Week’s Featured Question: What do you guys think about a General Glyph slot?  And if you like the idea, what would ...


Ep 201.5: Special Interview – Moogyver

Get to know the master engineer known as Moogyver!


Ep 200: Epic

Topics discussed this week: Tom Chilton Interview Ion Hazzikostas Interview with Convert to Raid Please Subscribe! This Week’s Featured Question: ...


VIDEO: Ep 199: Escaladder

Stompalina’s Super-Fast Yoga Video: Keep Up WoW Looses Another 1.4 million subscribers: Is WoW Dead? Spirit of Harmory: Soon Tradable Preparing for ...


Ep 197: Mt. Nerdmoore

BlizzCon tickets went on sale this week, are you going? Are we going? More updates coming in 5.3 and tons of info from this week’s Blizzard Developer Panel!


Ep 196: Hurtattack

This week’s topics: Patch Highlights on MMO-Champion New Brewfest Achievement Heroic Scenarios Coming in 5.3 Drumu Maze Improvements Blue Post on ...


Ep 195: Red Light Inn

Help Richard Harlow Fundraiser Titan Focus Speculation BlizzCon Tickets Go On Sale 4/24 and 4/27 Follow Ghostcrawler on Twitter DFW WoW Squad ...


Ep 194: Gold Rush

Music by: Daiquiri - Opening Act This Week’s Featured Question: What are you looking forward to in 5.3? Help Richard See Again ...


Ep 193: Tombstone

This Week’s Featured Question: Will you play Hearthstone? Richard Harlow Comedy on Facebook Help Richard See Again – Fundraising Campaign ...


VIDEO: Troves of the Thunder King Solo Scenario

Troves of Thunder – FULL RUN


AUDIO: Ep 166.5: World of Tanks Scouts

Another World of Tanks Special Episode featuring Tazilon, Whiskey-Dod, PanzerDan415 and Hafrot. Please Subscribe to The Rawrcast Show


AUDIO Ep 178.5: Special Interview with

This week we’re featuring a special interview with Brian Brolin of Please join us in supporting their efforts to raise ...


AUDIO Ep 189.5: Special Interview Power Word: Gold

Get the lowdown on making gold with this week’s special interview with Jim from Power Word: Gold. Follow Power Word: Gold Facebook | Twitter ...