The Rawrcast Show: Episode 8 "Yummy PTR Cookies"

This week’s Rawrcast was broadcast LIVE from The Argent Tournament on the US PTR realm, Broxigar. Our PTR experiences this week are discussed along with a few highlights, including the still crappy Flask of the Stoneblood, exploring Ulduar, testing the Iron Council event, and mats you may want to start gathering now for new craftables in 3.1. And, Stomp bids a fond farewell to Phaelia.

We also address a Swedish listener’s e-mail regarding the challenges of playing on the EU servers. And, we explain how our hard edge seems to be misinterpreted as a soft chewy center.

All this, and much more is now available for your listening pleasure via iTunes, RSS feed, download, or stream it from our main page.

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  • Stompalina

    And, to clarify – you still have a breath bar while mounted underwater on the PTR.

    Recent blog post: The Rawrcast Show: Episode 8 “Yummy PTR Cookies”

  • Visceris

    I think the issue about the dual spec cost is that you are able to get dual spec at level 40 and not many level 40′s have 1000G. This keeps dual spec reserved to 80′s and Twinks.

  • Stompalina

    I still can’t get my head around why someone leveling would need to utilize Dual Spec…

    Recent blog post: Ulduar Revealed: Full Map of the Instance!