Rawrcast Road Trip: PTR or Bust!

Join us on the PTR tonight as we explore the changes and instances being tested for the upcoming 3.2 patch LIVE on Broxigar, or catch our feed broadcast in HD. Follow Stompalina on twitter for feed updates as they happen, or roll a toon on the PTR to get in on all of the action!

Did you know Pre-Made Character creations come with…

  • 450 Jewelcrafting! Check out all of those Epic quality gems that are being talked about!
  • An Amani War Bear
  • A full set of 8.5 gear
  • 5K gold
  • Loads of enchant vellums
  • Lots of other stuff!

So, hop on your interwebz, stroll through the information highway, pop into this dive bar known as the Horde-side PTR, and kick back with Stomp, Haf and the gang!

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