Rawrcast: Ep 39 – Hot for Thrall


This week Haf and Stomp welcome Sideshow and Syrana to the show! While on their double date the couples enjoyed fantasizing about in-game relationships, and out-of-game grudges that effect their day-to-day lives and playtime. They also hash through a few other games currently peeking their interest, as well as cover a bit of this week’s news fresh from the 3.3 PTR.

Episode 39 of Rawrcast is available for your listening pleasure via iTunes, RSS feed, direct download, or you can stream it from our main page.

Links to items discussed this week:


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  • Khrul

    Woot…loot is gooooood!

    Nice podcast, first time listener.

  • Dick


    Oh, right, that’s the name of the website. :)

  • mageic

    Loot is indeed good, just like this podcast :)
    great listening on the bus

  • Baines

    WootLoot FTW!

    First time comment, been listening to you guys for about 6 months and really dig your style. Keep up the good work.

    Kazhaggah @ Shadowsong EU

  • The Rokk

    Y’know what’s awesome about the Rawrcast?


  • Ann_E

    I’m not a WOW player but my husband is. I listen to Rawrcasts with him! I enjoy them & he loves him. Thanks!!

  • Malysa

    Bound is the greatest guild EVAH! We like to tank in our fishin’/cookin’ hats and pillage farms and keel all duh babies! haha JK…<3 you Haf & Stomp!

  • Craig Ewing

    Love the Rawrcast on the work drive. Keep em coming!

  • Govannan

    Nice show once again guys. Sideshow and Syrana were fun to listen to. Stomp, you still have no freakin idea about the lore.

    Oh, and WootLoots FTW! m/

  • Jakub Niścior

    Yeah, this was quite an interesting one indeed.
    Also rolling, rolling, rolling.

  • mikemarcieli

    Great job….people (lol look at me being am PC)….,but really i love the show and i wanted to say thanks for doing it.

  • reech_me

    Great show – have my ears on as I write this! Consider me entered for card-shaped-things!

  • PinPin

    So… yeah… I WANTS DA LOOTS!!!


  • Sideshow

    Best guests ever! I thoroughly enjoyed being on the show. Thanks!

    (Can I still win?)

  • Ben (Brutaliz)

    with a twitter converstaion I had with @brigwin, Thrall has a thing for Gnomes. Just Sayin

  • Brian Middleton

    Yummy, loot cards. @brigwin @brutaliz get over the whole Thrall and Gnomes thing, wrong on way to many levels. Start thinking Night Orcs.

  • Amanda

    Finally got to sit down and listen to this since I was busy this weekend, good stuff :D

  • Svarthymn

    The wife and I really like when you have other couples to talk about the game. It sure gives a more entertaining angle to the show.

  • Pilon69

    Hi Stompalina and Hafrot, finally got to listen to a show live, and you answered a question of mine, happy days keep up the good work :)

  • Todd

    Wooohoooooo! <3

  • Dolgan

    Loved the show!!! It was snortalicious!!!