Ep 46: ICC Anticipation

This week Stomp welcomes a long-time twitter buddy and popular WoW web comic creator, Cadistra of WoW, Eh? and Nourish. Cadistra shares a couple of new recipes on Nourish that are sure to be a lovely addition to everyone’s Thanksgiving menu. Check out the full recipes for Trisifal Pumpkin Cookies and Anvilmar Mulled Cider, and leave a comment on Nourish to let Cadistra know how your recipes panned out!

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  • Offalot

    Good ep.

    Id like to say how hideous the Mr. T mask makes the Taurens look.

  • Lenix

    Great show guys :D Keep up the good work!

    Lenix, Alonsus-EU

    PS: Does this mean I’m entered for the comp?

  • WackyLisa

    I’ve been listening for about a month. Thanks for reminding me about Nourish. I may have to make those cookies.
    A female forsaken mage looks downright dumb with a Mr. T head.
    I hope you both feel better soon.

  • Jeffrey Ebel

    Awesome show, Rawrcast crew! Taurens with the Mr. T are hilarious.

  • Cwal

    Great show! love all the updates u guys give! listener for life.

  • Jeff Elliott

    How you described the Tier 10 gear wasn’t how I had read it though you may be correct.
    I thought it was
    10 man Tier gear for badges
    25 man Tier Gear for Token Plus your 10 man piece.

  • Stompalina

    Congratulations! You won the loot cards from Woot Loots! Shoot me an e-mail at hugesack@rawrcast.com for details on claiming your prize!