WoW TCG is Going Away

jheroAt least in it’s current inception.  The Rawr Crew has received information from reliable sources who say Scourgewar will be the last series of the Upper Deck World of Warcraft trading card games.  Sources report Blizzard is unhappy with sales and feel Upper Deck has done a poor job of marketing the TCG.

Not surprisingly, one of the more interesting items of note from our sources is the loot cards have carried the sales of the TCG thus far.  The rocky relationship with Upper Deck, the popularity of the loot cards, and the newly introduced pets available from the Blizzard store are an interesting coincidence to say the least.

The Rawr Crew
  • Angry Gamer

    Honestly I just dont think people like to get together face to face anymore and play these games. Especially WoW players who would rather be…wait for it….logged in and playing WOW!

  • Ozimandias

    Well it looks like Blizz woke up and realized that Upper Deck was making golds on a product that Blizz was driving the sales on. Smart.

  • Stompalina Upper Deck joined this thread to denied the claim. Then went on to talk about layoffs. Smart….

  • HeWhoIs

    Actually Stomp,

    The person who “went on to talk about layoffs” isn’t an Upper Deck person, but someone who heard from a friend that a manager of a store got fired, and that the assistant manager took her place.

    Doesn’t sound like a very big deal, and certainly no one at Upper Deck spoke about layoffs.

    Looks like your source failed pretty hard core.

  • veneretio

    @Angry Gamer: I wouldn’t go so far as to say that face to face TCGs don’t happen anymore. Magic the Gathering still sports a community in virtually every city in North America. TCGs are by no means dead, Blizzard has the right of it. Upper Deck hasn’t done a good enough job marketing the game as… a game. It needs to be a game first and about how can I get loot cards second.

  • Stompalina

    We shall see.