An Exclusive Interview with Olibith

The baby B

“Beware of Baby”, created by Olibith, is one of 4 winners of the Alienware Movie contest held by WoW Europe.

“Are you an aspiring filmmaker? If so, you’ve come to the right place! The World of Warcraft Rise to Power Movie Contest, sponsored by Alienware, showcases some of the best fan-made machinima, set in Azeroth, focusing on the rise to power of various characters, heroes, and villains from World of Warcraft.”

We encourage you to visit his webpage and become a fan of his on Facebook. Olibith is quite a talented and interesting guy. He took time away from his busy schedule to talk with us and give us this great interview.

Hello, my name is Ozimandias and I am the editor of With me today is Oblibith, one of 4 winners of the WoW Europe movie contest! Congrats on winning! I would like ask you some question about your winning entry.

What inspired you to produce “Beware of the Baby B”?

The baby beholder has always been a character I liked to use in my movies. He has so many different animations to toy with. This also is my main in-game pet. I had no time at all to make a machinima when Blizzard published about this contest but somehow, my actual PC started to act very strangely and I felt like I might regret not trying to win a new one. Most of my ideas come to me while playing on my French role-play server, My baby B was just  next to me in Dalaran, next to the cake chariot when the idea struck me while looking at an half eaten ginger bread man on the ground.

How did the story of “Beware of the Baby B” develop?

The contest was about a rise to power story, so Willy had to eat enough stuff to become one of those huge floating eye from the Outlands. Then, as the movie was supposed to last 3 minutes max, I really had to think first of the way it could end. The “that was just a dream” trick is terrible in terms of storytelling, but as I planned to make a light funny story I thought I could turn this simple end in a last gag. What happens in between was written while looking at the baby beholder’s animations, everything that happens in the machinima came from searching and playing with wowmodelviewer.

What is it about Machinima that you like so much?

I always had ideas that could have been audio visuals projects but never found any way to create them. When I first captured a video in WoW, just testing fraps and windows movie maker for the first time, I realized I had an giant premade movie set in my computer. Later when I heard about wowmodelviewer and chroma keying allowed the possibility to have actors always available, as much as I wanted, dressed as I pleased.

Machinima is pure brain excitation to me; I had ideas that came out of nowhere and an obsession to machinimate them as fast as I could. Like a kid in a giant toy store. My first year of movie making was pure madness with hundreds of hours spent learning and having fun.

My production slowed down a bit as soon as I became a daddy and then it slowed down dramatically as soon as I started using After Effects.

Is “Beware of the Baby B” your favorite? Why/ why not?

Not really, I enjoyed working on it and had a lot of fun with the tools. But this video was made for an official contest, with an official jury, rules and a PEGI +12 to respect. Creative freedom was not total and I really prefer to work with my own rules since that’s one of the great privileges of machinimas. I would say this is my favorite contest entry yet.

Do you do much drawing or painting? What are your other creative
outlets that you use?

Drawing is my job, I started as a book illustrator and I’m now a graphic designer.

What kind of tools do you need to produce machinima?

I’ve always been a Mac user and when WoW came in store, I played it with my 733mhz G3 and a nice 10 frames per seconds outdoor. But that was not good enough to go and kill Ragnaros with 39 friends.
So I decided to buy a small PC, just enough to play WoW (for 1/3 the price of a Macintosh), that’s the computer most of my machinimas were made with. Then I won the grand prize of the Blizzard’s WWI in Paris, a HP Dragon laptop that was way faster, making me able to learn After Effects. This laptop is my actual PC, the one who acted strangely.

I’ve been making movie for 4 years now but never had a chance to save money for the high PC I would need for machinima. There have always been wiser choices to make in my life. You can imagine how excited I am about this Alienware monster incoming. I use many different software programs, Fraps, wowmodelviewer, Sony Vegas, After Effects, Particle Illusion, Audacity and of course Photoshop are the main ones.

Did you think that you had a winner when you were done with the film?

That is the most frustrating part of entering a contest, you always are sure you got a winner when submitting the movie. You gave it so much of your time and knowledge that you really think there’s no way you can lose. Even if you know that hundreds of movie makers will also do their best to win, it always is a slap in the face when the result are published and you’re not part of them. Happened to me and wil happen again.

Do you have any advice to anyone that wants to get into producing machinima?

The only advice I have is to never do artistic choices based upon the anticipated reaction of the viewers. The only person you know well enough to identify their expectations is yourself, so please yourself, amuse yourself, scare yourself. If you’re having fun while machinimaking, everything is possible, like learning pro software or even being grand prize winner someday.

Do you have any plans to produce beyond machinima, can we expect to see your name on a Hollywood movie anytime soon? What are your ultimate life goals?

Not at all, Hollywood does not need machinimakers more than Levis Strauss needs people who can knit a sweater. But, if Blizzard was planning one day on having an in-game streamed TV channel, this would be something I’d really love to do. I mean gnomes could build TV screens, there could also be giant displays in the AH. Could be so nice working in a team and taking care of the broadcast.
My ultimate life goals are not related to machinima yet.

Do you want to talk a little about WoW: What do you play? What are you most proud of accomplishing in-game? What about out of game?

I play a gnome mage of course, my guild is a roleplay guild 100% gnomes, called “Gnomes Inc foundation.” I was a hardcore pve player in WoW vanilla then machinima made me a casual unable to play in a raid. So I mostly play wow to be with old time friends, talking about gnomish problems and making fun of blood elves. A few PUGs too. When I need some action, I also play Horde as an evil Troll rogue that does it from behind on a pvp server.

Thanks for your time, anything that you wanted to share before we wrap things up?

I’d like to thank Genna Bain and her voice acting talent, you for watching my machinimas, my Facebook fans that are a great bunch of pervs and also Blizzard for letting us moviemakers play WoW the way we like to.

Again, on behalf of Stomp, Haf and all of us at, congrats and thanks for the interview! Good luck to you!


  • Stompalina

    Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Olibith. And, thanks for entertaining us all with your amazing work!