Episode 63: Extended Release Episode

This week is a whopper, as Haf and Stomp share a rather eventful week. Dreamwalker has been revived by Bound, Rawrcast iPhone application is under development, and Haf racks up a boatload of achievements this week. Additionally, the world’s first Shadowmourne appearing this week sparks a few discussions with Haf and his progression for the legendary weapon. And, a listener e-mail sparks an interesting theory about how mastery may finally compartmentalize the utility of the Death Knight talent trees. And, Haf and Stomp run for the drake as they head to 10-man Uldaur with members of the top 100 US guild, Reawaken – including our friend, Foofy!

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Special Thanks to our friends at Per4Max for hooking up @Hafrot with a new wheelchair!

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