Episode 67: My Little Pony

This week all of the guild is a buzz with the completion of Sindragosa in 25-man, and Lich King in 10-man! Progress is steady, but we are still looking for a few good players to round out our raid roster and prepare for heroic modes in the coming weeks.

In the news, Stomp covers a few of the finer points of the Cataclysm Druid Preview, and Haf is torn about wanting a little pony of his own.

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  • Lands of Lore by Eulixe discovers the origins of Searing Gorge
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  • Kal

    I must respond about the mushrooms. You mentioned its basically like hunter traps but that is not actually true.

    It definitely seems when you first read it that you would just place a mushroom and if someone walks over it, it explodes but at the end of the description they mention the range, and they do not mean the radius. If I remember correctly it was 40 yards range, meaning you can grow the mushroom likely anywhere within 40 yards of you if its within line of sight.

    It also had no cooldown, meaning you can use it as part of your dps in dungeons and raids. Just keep placing mushrooms where the mobs are. The ability has huge potential !