Episode 75: Yiffers and Drippers

This week was full of huge news released Saturday night with the lift of the NDA. The floodgate of information, news, and updates being made to Cataclysm has many of us scratching our heads.

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Links to topics discussed this week:


  • We welcome Heartbourne from The Spreading Taint to discuss the Proudmoore Pride Parade scheduled for June 19th
  • FULL Interview Here
  • Aellerian tackles a NEW Dead or Alive, focusing on the Wintergrasp combat zone
  • Travel to Swamp of Sorrows with Eulixe in this week’s Lands of Lore
  • Wowhead.com releases a Cataclysm in-game fly-through video highlighting a few areas that will see great devastation after the world event releasing baddie

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  • Taibeerruns

    Ok, Listening to your latest podcast and you are talking about the changes to guild leveling in Cataclysm. I agree, the rep with your guild is stupid. You already gain rep with your guild based on your actions. If you log on for raids when you say you will, if you help when someone asks for it, etc you gain rep with your guild. And vice versa, if you are asked to help and you ignore it, or if you say you will show up for the raid and you don’t, your rep goes down. The rep system affects npcs the way our actions affect the real players. But on the other side, it allows players to get access to things that would otherwise be determined by players who are biased at times. If guild bonus’s were determined by rank. And some player who is on all the time, and helping out is the same class as the guild leader. This player gets better gear, and is a better player than the guild leader and ends up being taken on raids instead of the guild leader. The guild leader could downrank that player just so they have less access, out of spite.

    Now what would be nicer is maybe have rep with other guilds. Say you are pugged into a guilds raid and you do good and they like you. The players could have the option of giving you so much rep. Maybe when they are looking for another person for something, they can see who is on that has rep with their guild. LOL more thoughts on this, but thats it for now.