Blizzcon T-Shirt Caption Contest

We are tits-deep in plans for Blizzcon! One of the issues that popped up today is: What are we going to do for our Blizzcon t-shirts? Lucky for us, we are leaving that up to you guys!

What would you like to see on your Rawrcast Blizzcon t-shirts? We are planning to create as many t-shirts as possible to give out in October. If you haven’t donated to the Blizzcon fund, please click on the “Chip In” widget on the front page of the website and donate some dough! The more funds we secure, the more t-shirts we are able to produce, and the more beer we have to drink with you guys!

Memorable quotes… Icecrown references… whatever puts a smile on your face, and sums up the attitude and insight that is Rawrcast. Leave your suggestions here, or e-mail them to! The person whose quote is selected will have the first shirt delivered to them, hot off the press!

The winner will be selected 8/31/10, so respond today!

  • Jesse Mercer

    Rawrcast – Because our Gear Score is over 9000!