Episode 78: So Hard it Hurts

With the NDA released this week, the internet is a flutter with news from the Cataclysm Closed Beta. Though nothing is set in stone, this week we touch upon some of the more exciting points expected with the release of the third expansion. We also discuss listener e-mails regarding the release of Ruby Sanctum, and the Epic 10-Man Debate continues with one listener’s solution for helping Haf making 10-mans feel more epic!

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Links to topics discussed this week:

Make sure to stop by next week as we welcome Euxlie to the guest spot to discuss the lore behind many of the story developments slated for Cataclysm!


  • Discover the tainted origins of Darkshore and it’s relationship with Felwood and the rivers of Kalimdor in this week’s Lands of Lore with Eulixe
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