Play Wow with a Kinect

WoW IRLEvery once in awhile, I will read something that just blows my mind. It seems as though some really smart people have gone out and developed a way to play WoW with the Kinect using various motions that are translated to key bindings on the computer. Click here for the link to the download, and Engadget did a nice write-up on the whole deal, complete with sarcasm. While it is true that this tech is really amazing, I don’t see this really working for anything more than a tech demonstration.

“Dude, Clitorosauras get out of the fire!”

“I can’t! I had to sit down, I got too tired casting fear by failing my arms and running around the room.”

The raid wipes because the dps was too fat.

~On a side note, my son did get a Kinect from his grandparents. After poo-pooing it for almost two years now, I have to say that it is an impressive bit of technology, and it got all of us in front of the tv jumping and dancing like idiots. Dance Central is a must-buy if you are considering buying one.