StompalinaStompalina: Denise

Co-Host of The Rawrcast Show

Head Mistress of Bound Guild

World of Warcraft-loving, redhead gnome-like mother of one, and the voice behind multiple toons on Staghelm server. I have been playing WoW since November 2005, along with my husband, and now my son. With my quick whit and southern charm, I enjoy meeting new people in-game and out. My husband, Haf, and I started Rawrcast as a way for us to vent out-of-game about about the people and issues that shape our gaming experience, much like we chat around the dinner table. The blog turned into an informal fan-based podcast, and we expanded the Rawr Crew to include a roster of talented writers who share our passion for the game, opinions, and interest in sharing their insight.